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How To Delete Instagram Account


Hello, welcome to our website, in this article today I will tell you how to delete Instagram account, so read the article from start to finish

Before starting, let me give you a little information about Instagram

What is Instagram?

How To Delete Instagram Account
If you do not yet know what Instagram is, then definitely read it. Today's Instagram is one of the top social networks of today which is used by the whole world today. In today's time, the use of Instagram is so much that many new accounts are created here and are connected to each other. Creating accounts on Instagram is very easy and anyone can use it. Joining and using this social network is absolutely free, you do not need to pay any kind of money to use it and you can easily download Instagram from PlayStore and Apple Store for free. And it is also very easy to use, here you can share your photos, videos, and stories and make new friends and talk to them in messages and send photos and videos as well.

How to delete Instagram account?

Whenever we open our Instagram application and go to our profile, we do not see any option to delete the account of Instagram, so in this case, we tell about how to delete our Instagram account.
How To Delete Instagram Account

So to delete your Instagram account, first of all, you have to open any browser in your mobile, like Chrome or any other browser, after opening it you have to go to the search bar and search the official website of Instagram there. After searching, the Instagram website will be open. After opening, you have to log in with the account that you want to delete. After logging in, you will see the icon below and the profile will be clicked on and you will go to your profile. After going to the profile, you will see the option of edit profile right in front of you, then click on it. After clicking on edit profile, a menu will open and scroll down and go down. You will see an option below which will say "Temporary Disable My Account", then you will have to click here. After clicking on it, another page opens in front of you, so if you want to delete the account forever, then click on the URL you see above and after clicking there, the template is written Delete and make it permanent and search there. As soon as you click on search, another page will open in which it will say "Delete your account" and below you will see Why are you deleting your account, then here you can select any of your reasons.
How To Delete Instagram Account
 After that, you scroll down and you have to enter your password, after entering the password, click on "Permanently Delete Account" and click OK on the box that opens.
After doing all these processes your Instagram account will be permanently deleted.
How To Delete Instagram Account
So in this article, I have told you about what is Instagram and how to delete Instagram account. To read more such new articles and to learn new information, come to our site everyday, we put such articles here which you will like very much and will prove useful for you, apart from this, if you want to ask anything about the article, then comment We will reply to you as soon as possible

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