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Friday, September 27, 2019

10 Unique Websites On Internet


Hello and welcome to our site. In this article, we will tell you about 10 Unique Websites On Internet, which you may not have read about, then read this article till the end.

10 unique websites you don't know about

I will tell you about these website S one by one and will also tell you how to use its website, so let's start


10minutemail website provides you with a random email for 10 minutes. And for this you do not need to pay money, this is a completely free website. You can use this email to sign up on another website and you can use it at a place where you do not want to give your original email. And if you are using it to sign on a website, then the verification mail that comes in it is also found here. So it has the advantage that your personal email is not exposed to an unknown website and your inbox also gets saved from spam.

Madeon's Adventure Machine:-

Madeon's Adventure Machine
Madeon's Adventure Machine This is a website that will entertain you a lot. There are many options on this website, using which you can make the music you want. It is very easy to use, as soon as you open this website, you will see different colored buttons on your screen, you have to select these buttons and as soon as you select them, the music with that button will start like this. You can select any number of will hear different tunes from different buttons, then use this website and entertain yourself.


Nowadays we all do online shopping, the shopping websites are price fluctuations. So to get good benefits, or to get the lowest price product, you should use PriceTrack. To use it, go to the product from the website from which you have to buy the product and copy the URL of the page of that product and then go to the Pricetrack website and paste the link there. After that click on "Add to Watch List", after clicking, your product will show there. So by doing this, you can check the price history of that product. How and when the price of that product has fluctuated and will show you, then by looking at it you can guess whether the product you are buying is buying at a lower price or at a higher price. And if you want, you can also get price drop notifications from there, just you have to give your email on it. Whenever the price of the product is lowered, they send you notifications via email.

Mount Everest 3d:-

                                          Mount Everest 3d

We all cannot go to Mount Everest, that's why you can experience going to Everest like Mount Everest with the help of Everest3d website in 3D sitting at home for you. So after opening the website all you have to do is click on "Start the Climb" and it takes you directly to Everest. Not only this, you can also see the names of all the places on Everest and it is said that the camp is found, it is also shown in it. And at the same time, it will also give you some sounds which will make your experience even better. So use it and enjoy going to Mount Everest sitting at home.


Accountkiller This website helps to delete the account that you have on the Internet. Because many social networks are such that you cannot delete your account from them in an easy way. All popular websites are listed on this website. How to delete the account and which link has to go, all these details are found here.

Down for everyone or just me:-

Down for everyone or just me
Down for everyone or just me With the help of this website, you can check that the website which is not opening on your Internet is down for you or for everyone. It is easy to use. As soon as you open this site you will see an empty box on it. There you have to enter the website which is not opening on your Internet, they will put it, it will be seen on the site which you have put up or down.

Staggering Beauty:-

Staggering Beauty
Staggering Beauty This is a fun website. Go to this website then you will get to see a black color cartoon. Wherever you move your pointer, it will move backward and if you move your pointer fast, flash images will come on the screen. And some music starts playing along


Weavesilk is an amazing website. Here you can generate a lot of good art very easily. It is absolutely easy to use, you just have to open the website and just click, this website will create a good art for you accordingly. There is also an option to modify the art. And you can also save your created art and share it on social media, this is a very good and entertaining website.


Imgur is a website that converts your videos to GIF. You can convert any YouTube video into GIF with the help of this website. It is very easy to use, if you want to make a GIF of a YouTube video, then paste the URL of that video in this website and then you set the time in it to say that the file is to be created. If you want, you can also put text in it. And download it to your computer without any watermark

Receive Sms Online:-

Receive Sms Online
Receive Sms Online With the help of this website you can receive any International OTP without giving your number. It is absolutely easy to use. If you open this website, then the numbers of different countries will appear in it, you can access the message in it using that number.

So in this article, I have told you about 10 Unique Websites On Internet. To read more good articles, keep visiting our website and if you want to ask anything related to the articles, then you can comment. We will try to reply to you as soon as possible Thank you.

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